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[ENG] Śnieżnik, weekend hike info


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I hope that the gallery from post about my hike in Śnieżnik put you in the traveling mood. Today you will find out how to organize a weekend trip from Wrocław to Śnieżnik and how much it can cost. I will talk about how to get there, what I ate and where I slept. I hope that it will inspire you to discover this beautiful region!


How to get there

In order to be able to climb Śnieżnik, you have to get to one of the villages that are located near the mountain. I can recommend you Międzygórze, as it is a nice touristic place. You can get there either by car or bus (check the schedule here: e-podró By car the route takes up to two hours, by bus it is a little longer: three and a half, to four hours. In PKS bus you should be able to take your dog with you, remember that it has to be vaccinated, on a leash, and wearing a muzzle. The approximate cost of the travel is 60 zł (there and back), no matter if you take bus or travel by car.


Planning the hike

In order to plan your hike you will need a map. There are some options on-line, but remember that nothing beats real, paper map on hike (especially since it costs about 4,5 zł).

Below, you can find some links to on-line maps, you can use them to plan your hike. Even though only one is in English, they are pretty intuitive, so I am sure they can be helpful:

Góry i ludzie – you can purchase here paper maps, as well as see the exact same maps on-line. This map allows you to create link to given spot, so you can share it. Also, you can check the weather on website.

Planeta Gór – This website has English language option. You can choose there if you want to see shelters, peaks or castles. I recommend you this map if you are just learning to read them.

Mapa Polskie Szlaki –  Great option here is the possibility to click on given trail. It opens new window with info about time it takes to complete the hike and its length. I like to compare this information with the paper map, to make sure there is no mistake from my side.


After choosing the direction and the track you want to take, remember to figure out if, and where you want to spend the night. There are multiple options: mountain shelter, tent, guesthouse etc. I always choose shelters as they are the cheapest option. Also, they are great to meet open-minded, adventurous people, and spend the evening over the campfire.

All of the shelters have not only their Facebook page, but also the website. You can’t expect luxury there, but warm water and nice bed are all you will be needing anyways. Remember to call beforehand and reserve a place, to make sure you will be indeed having a bed.

Not all the shelters have information about whether or not they accept dogs. It is always better to call or email them and ask what are the conditions when it comes to your pet.

The shelter “Na Śnieżniku” where I stayed, is very dog friendly, dogs sleep there for free. Just remember to bring some bedding for your pet, as they are not allowed to be on bed with you.

Cost estimation

OK, it’s time to sum up the costs of my hike:

Car ride – about 60 zł
Accommodation – 30 zł, Jussi slept for free
Food – I couldn’t resist the Czech specialty – fried cheese, I also got a beer – 15 + 8 zł
My own provisions – kabanosy, chocolate, water, instant oatmeal and “gorący kubek” – about 20 złotych
In the evening, because of fog, I decided not to go out after 6 PM, I drank two more beers – 16 zł
Breakfast – glass of warm milk, hot-dog sausage, and bread – 9 zł.
water for the hike – 6 zł.
After getting back to Międzygórze, I got a dinner – grilled trout – 20 zł

To sum up, the whole trip cost me about 183 zł. I don’t count in dog food as she would have eaten it anyways. I imagine traveling with a friend would come even cheaper, as we could share the baggage so we could take more water and provisions. Also, the travel cost would be split.

Please let me know if there is some other questions that you may have about this hike, I will do my best to help. If you have any ideas on how to improve the hike, let me know in the comments. I will be happy to learn something new!



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